A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Minigame Gameshow is a gameshow of minigames where the victor gets a crown. There are bricks, spikes, lava, and more that will try to kill the player. Through dodging, jumping, and maneuvering, the player can reach the end. There are 4 mini games in total. Good luck! (Made for UGJ#35)


A or Left Arrow - Move to the left

D or Right Arrow - Move to the right

Space or W or Up Arrow - Jump

Shift - Continue past text

Escape - Main menu

Install instructions

Just download the game and run the .exe or .app file. If there is a warning that it's unsafe, just bypass it.


The Minigame Gameshow - Windows.zip 22 MB
The Minigame Gameshow - Mac.zip 34 MB


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Nice minigames. Cute graphics. Good revisited classical music. A little too easy. You could perhaps add a countdown in order to know when the minigame ends.